What You Need to Know About Public Criminal Records

Being convicted of a crime is certainly something that is life changing. Many people get convicted of crimes every day, and it is a different experience for everyone. Some people grow up around crime and have a lot of exposure to criminals and their lives from a young age. Other people might have had no exposure at all to criminals, and yet they make one bad decision and find that that is what they are. Being convicted of a crime, doing jail time and being treated like a criminal is normally very damaging to a person. We have all heard the horror stories about what goes on in prisons, and it is not always that much easier when someone completes their sentence and returns to the outside world. There is definitely discrimination against people who have been convicted of crimes. People who had never had a problem getting a job before might find that there is suddenly no work for them. They might find that they have trouble getting approved for a rental property. There are many things that you might not realize people would discriminate against criminals regarding. One of the things that works against a criminal is having a public criminal record.

Public Criminal Records – What Are They?

When a person has been convicted of a crime, all of the details of this crime, the conviction and the sentence go into their official criminal record. This is a file that technically belongs to the government, which by extension belongs to the public. Unless there has been a specific order from a judge saying that a criminal record must be suppressed, then this sort of file is available to any member of the public. A criminal record will show any convictions that have been made against you by a court of law. This could be anything from the smallest petty crime to murder or grand larceny. Other things that you might not expect could also show up on your criminal record, such as if you have declared bankruptcy.

Public Criminal Records – What Does it Mean if You Have One?

If you have been convicted of a crime and you have an official criminal record, there are things that you might find harder to do. You might find it difficult to get financial help such as a home loan if you have a major criminal record. These are not always checked, but be aware that this might affect your application. As we mentioned earlier, you might also find it hard to get a rental property, if your landlord decides to check criminal records. It all depends on how many people ask you the question, or do their own checking up. If you are asked, the best thing to do is to be honest, as being dishonest will only look worse down the track if the truth is revealed.

Public Criminal Records – Employment Problems

Many people who have a criminal record find that obtaining employment when they are released from prison can be one of the hardest things to do. Employers are more likely than anyone to carry out criminal background checks on potential employees – many employers do this as a standard operating procedure now days. Often, you will see the question on a job application. Again, it is best to be honest when asked the question, as being caught out in a lie will ensure that you never get that job. There are certain jobs that will be harder for you to obtain than others. You might find it hard to get a government job, such as working for the tax office, or the roads authority. Government jobs generally have a mandatory criminal background check for almost every position, senior or junior. Another job which might be closed to you is working with children. You might have previously been a childcare worker, but if you now have a criminal conviction then obtaining a similar job again could be difficult.

Public Criminal Records – Can Anything Be Done?

If you have a criminal record, there is no need to panic just yet. You still have options, and there is still employment out there that is open to you. Look for jobs that traditionally might be more forgiving than highly-corporate jobs or teaching / caring jobs. The trades are a good place to start, as they are a place in which you can work your way up through a company, proving yourself along the way, rather than trying to impress in an interview. When you have mastered the trade, you also have the option of going out on your own, which can be a great experience. There are many other jobs that are open to people with a criminal record. The only secret is to know where to look, and to go in with the right attitude.