How to Check the Background of Nannies

by Jessica Thomson

Nanny Caught On Tape Abusing Child

The job of a nanny is not only of babysitter. Nannies are likely to participate in psychological, social and intellectual growth of their charges. They strive with children in developing their language, home work, social manners and more. Usually families wish that nannies stay with them for at least one year. This is for maintaining continuity of children in their childcare and training. Mothers who are busy or working or simply mothers who wish in their homes to have a helping hand normally hire nannies to help them in their daily duties. The job of being a nanny is as respectable and good as any other job however few nannies have given this occupation a shocking name by kidnapping the child or by stealing.

Previous to hiring a nanny, references of nanny should be checked carefully. For obtaining more information background checking is also advisable. By calling to nanny's previous employers you should look for personal record regarding his/her behavior and conduct. Questions such as length of employment, performance on job, why the job was left by him/her should be asked to previous employers. This provides better idea about nanny's history, skills and abilities.

An application form should be made by listing information such as place and date of birth, if she has any previous names, her previous employers and number of her license. Information about the names, phone numbers and address of her schools, previous employment and her relatives should be taken from her. These numbers should be called by you for verification of information. Nanny should also be informed that you are verifying her information as she has a right to say no to background check. If she is refusing to do so, then beware that she is surely hiding something from you.

If at all possible, a nanny should be someone who knows the family well. Background of nanny should be checked of any candidate if a person is considering hiring someone. A person who is not known to family might be having a gleaming list of references and pleasing personality. Though, it is always advisable to check the nanny's criminal record or shaking financial past for knowing his/her irresponsible behavior. You can also take the benefit of Nannies London which is the largest recruitment agency in London offering nannies in London, overseas and UK. They undergo detailed background check of the nannies and provide the best nannies for childcare London.
Specialized background checkers also exist if you desire to take benefit of their services they offer. There are even online background checks or local investigators services available. Thus, you can successfully check the background of nannies before appointing them to look after your family and children.

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