Pre Employment Investigations Resource

by Laica Baker

When someone is applying for a job at any level, they are applying for responsibility. Anyone looking to work for someone must be able to handle the responsibility they would be granted, and that's why employers have to know the applicants previous employment experience and education. They are not just titles, ranks, and empty words, a Masters Degree is a measure of ability, and thus, the employer must be sure, positive, that the applicant actually has achieved the things they claimed, less they are not able to handle the responsibilities given.
A lack of experience or education where it is required can cause a company loss, where it does not put people in out right danger. An unqualified electrician, or an incompetent nurse can kill someone. Checking whatever qualifications a person claims can often be as easy as it was for that person to make them. Whether they are outright lying or simply embellishing, a simple pre employment investigation can tell you exactly what you need to know to decide whether or not you think this person is capable of handling the responsibilities you would be handing them.

Another thing many employers require, for good reason, is criminal record. A tax attorney with a history involving shady business deals or embezzlement can cost a company thousands in stolen or misplaced funds. The same can be true for an accountant, or even a simple clerk. It can be agreed that sexual offenders should not work in the Little Miss section of a department store, or that a person with a history of repeat violent offences may not be the best person to be in contact with your customers. The list is endless, and each danger is real and present. These can also be prevented, in almost every case, by simple pre employment investigations, which are quick, affective and accurate.

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