Take the Guess Work Out of Hiring – Free Criminal Records!

Recruiting staff these days can be a tricky process. It is not always as easy as it seems, and there are many levels and steps to the recruitment process that have to be followed. These levels and steps only increase the higher up the vacant position is. Even when all of the steps are followed, there is never really the guarantee that everything will work out as planned. Sometimes people decide to leave their new job after only a couple of weeks, sometimes it turns out that the person was not right for the job. And, sometimes, it turns out that the applicant was dishonest and this person causes some real problems in the workplace. There is not really any sure-fire way to ensure that an applicant is going to work out perfectly in a job. However, there are things that you, as an employer, can do to increase the chances of the applicant being the right person. One of the things that you can do is to order a criminal background check.

Free Criminal Records – How They Can Help

Checking a person’s criminal record will not tell you everything about that person. However, if something shows up on their criminal record, it can tell you some things that it can be helpful to know. When you are hiring someone you generally have to take a lot of what they tell you on faith. There are things that you can check, such as references, although these can quite easily be fabricated. You could go over a resume with a fine toothed comb and still not uncover glaring omissions or fabrications. And, certainly, an applicant is not likely to list any criminal convictions on their resume when they are applying for a job. So, sometimes a criminal record can turn up not only convictions, but also lies that the applicant has told. They might have said that they left a job for a typical reason, when in fact they were charged for a crime related to this job. This is obviously something that you will want to know about.

Free Criminal Records – What They Reveal

A person’s criminal record will list any criminal convictions that have been made in their name. This might include felonies such as murder or grand larceny, but can also include smaller crimes such as petty theft. As long as the person has been convicted of the crime in a court, it will show up on their criminal record. You should note, however, that a person might have had trouble with the law which did not end in a conviction. This might include when someone is the prime suspect in a case but did not have a charge brought against them. It might include cases of mistrial, and of course it will include any cases that went to court in which the person was found to be innocent. These are all cases where, even though a person might in actuality have been guilty of the crime, the court has found that they are not to be held responsible due to lack of evidence or some other reason. In this case, you will probably never be aware of the incidents. However, as we mentioned, any actual convictions will show up.

Free Criminal Records – Where to Get Them

If you want to see an applicants criminal record, and you would like to get it for free, there are several ways you can do this. There are many online web sites which will allow you to do a free search, and this is the easiest way for you to check for criminal convictions. These sites make it quite easy for you to search, you simply enter in the name of the person and the state you want to search. If you pay for the service of getting a criminal background check these are normally more comprehensive, however a free service should tell you what you need to know. On some of these sites you can also carry out a sex offender search. Those convicted of sex offences are required to register their address, and this registration is made public. You can search the address that the applicant has given you and see if their name comes up as being a registered sex offender in the area. All of this might sound a bit over-the-top and alarmist. However, as an employer you have a responsibility to protect the people in your workplace, and if carrying out criminal checks on potential employees minimizes any danger to them, then it is well worth the effort.