Unsure About That New Employee?
Try a Criminal Records Check

Anyone who has ever had their own business, or been in a management position in a company will know the stress that comes along with being in a position of power in business. Being in management means that you are suddenly responsible for others – possibly many depending on the size of the company. Every decision that you make not only effects you, it can effect the people who report to you, and the company at a whole. It is no wonder that many people who work in management or run their own business suffer from stress, and why some end up burning out and having to leave their jobs or retire early. When you are in a management position and you are in charge of hiring for your team or department, this adds a whole new level of stress to your life. Hiring is a very tricky process – not only do you need to find someone with the necessary skills and attributes for the job, but you also need to find someone who fits in well with the company and the current employees. You do not want to hire someone who is going to cause more stress!

Criminal Records Check – Taking the Guess Work Out of Hiring

Unfortunately, it is often impossible to tell what a new employee is going to be like until you have worked with them for a few weeks. At an interview and during their initial period doing the job, someone is on their best behavior – it is not until after they have settled in that you will start to see their true colors. They might continue to be great, and you might have an amazing new staff member. However, they might also turn out to be not so great, or even worse, dishonest. There is nothing that you can really do to catch everyone of these people out before hiring them, but there are steps that you can take to minimize the risk. One of these things is a criminal records check. Criminal records checks are becoming more and more popular these days. Employers from all different industries and companies are turning to these sorts of checks in order to help them hire the best staff possible.

Criminal Records Check – What You Can Find Out

If you think you have found a great potential employee, you will want to find out as much about them as you can before you commit to hiring them. If someone turns out to be something other than they seem, then it could potentially cost you a lot of money – it costs money to hire and train a new employee, not to mention that you will have to advertise and go through the whole process again if they do not work out. It is much better to try to ensure that they are the right fit before you make that final decision. Asking a potential employee about their criminal background, and carrying out a criminal records check is a good way to help you with this. Sure, it will not tell you everything about a person, but it can be very insightful, especially if the applicant has lied about their past, or doctored their resume to cover a period in which they were in prison. A criminal record does not necessarily mean that an applicant is a bad person – they might have just made a small mistake or might even be completely innocent and wrongly convicted. However, using a criminal record in conjunction with the rest of the application process, such as skills checks and reference checks, can give you a much fuller picture of what a person is like.

Criminal Records Check – How to Get One

By now, you should understand what a benefit it can be to obtain a criminal records check for potential employees. If you have decided that this is what you want to do, then there are several ways you can go about it. The quickest and easiest way to obtain a criminal records check is to make use of a paid checking service. For a small fee that you pay, this sort of service will carry out a complete criminal records check on anyone whose details that you provide. A professional service is often more effective, as they know where and how to look for a criminal record. What they come back with will be either no existing criminal record, or they will have a record to show you. This will list any convicted crimes that the person in question has committed. You can then use this record (or lack of record) to help you to make a decision about who you are going to hire to fill the vacant position in your company – and you can do it from a place of information.