When a Criminal History is a Deal Breaker

Do you have a criminal history? This is a situation that is actually more common than you might think. Thousands of people are convicted of crimes in our country every year, from everything from overdue parking tickets to murder. A criminal is technically anyone who has committed a crime, although the word is often associated with someone who is practically evil. There are many people out there who are not bad people at all, but who simply made one bad choice which landed them with a criminal conviction. Unfortunately, if you fall into this category you might not have an easy road ahead of you. There is a definite discrimination against people with criminal records, that does not tend to be specific to one type of crime or another – it seems that if you have a criminal record, then you are beyond reproach to some people. So, if you have a criminal record, what prejudices can you expect to encounter?

Criminal History – What Sort of Employment Will Be Closed to You?

There are many employers who do a standard criminal history check for every potential employee. These are necessary in certain types of jobs. For example, if an employer is hiring someone who will be working with children, then they will normally do a criminal history check. Similarly, if someone will be in charge of handling large amounts of cash, then they will often seek a criminal history check. Any sort of job in which there is a potential for a criminal to take advantage of the situation and cause real damage, that is normally when an employer will do a criminal history check. This does not necessarily mean that you will not get the job, that will depend on what type of crime you have been convicted for. However, it will likely be a mark against you.

Criminal History – Government Jobs

If you are applying for a government job then you will likely have to submit to a criminal history check also. This could be anything from a job with a government infrastructure department to a job with the FBI. Again, the effect that a criminal record will have will depend on the type of crime you have committed. For example, if you were convicted of something such as a traffic offense then this will be less likely to effect your employment than if you were convicted of grand larceny or assault. Granted, not every employer will be prepared to make distinctions between crimes, but many will. If you have been convicted of a crime, then all you can do is to keep trying by applying for many jobs. If your crime was not severe, then you will likely be able to find some sort of employment in the future. You should always be honest about any criminal history you have, but what it comes down to is that your search for employment is just like anyone else’s – the more jobs you apply for the more likely you will be to find something.

Criminal History – For Employers

If you are an employer, there are things that you will want to know about a potential employee. One of these things is whether they have a criminal record. There are certain jobs within your company which will be more sensitive than others, and therefore will need to be more heavily attended. These are the types of jobs in which it can be beneficial to check the criminal history of potential employees. If you are in charge of hiring for your company, then you should consider using criminal history checks as a standard procedure. There are companies out there who can take care of this for you. For a fee, they will take the details of anyone you want to be checked, and carry out a full criminal history check on them. They can also carry out a financial check, to check for things such as declaring bankruptcy. The company will take care of complying with all the rules for checking criminal history and will come back to you with the result. In this way, you do not even have to lift a finger! Then you will be able to see whether your potential employee is above board or not.

Having a criminal conviction can have a big impact on a person, and often it can be very hard to get on with life. Trying to find a job can be very difficult, especially when applying for a job where the employer does mandatory criminal history checks. If you have a criminal history, it might be a rough road ahead of you, however there are jobs out there that you can take, you only have to be persistent in finding them.