Add a Criminal Background Check to Your Hiring Process

The employment arena can be a tough place these days. There is a lot to contend with on both sides. For employees, it can be difficult to find a place that lives up to what you want. You might prefer a certain location, good working hours, a philosophy that you agree with. You probably expect a certain level of pay and conditions. Finding a job that offers all of these things can be very hard – and sometimes the reality of the workplace can be a lot different to what they employer led you to believe during the interview process. For employers, finding the right employee can be equally as hard. There are those out there with not enough experience, or too much. There are those who lie on their resumes, or who can not even write a legible one. There are people with large, unexplained gaps in their employment, or other suspicious things. There really is a lot to think about when you are hiring someone new, and your responsibilities can go further than just a simple reference check. If you are really serious about finding the right person for the job, a criminal background check can be the perfect addition to your hiring process.

Criminal Background Checks – How Can They Help?

It is naïve to think that you can learn everything about a person from their resume and a half hour interview. A resume is designed to sell you on the qualities of that person, and an applicant is always on their best behavior during an interview (well, most of the time anyway!). So, it is not likely that they will reveal all of their negative traits to you during this process. As recruiters, we know that all people have negative traits, it is simply a matter of whether these traits will affect the way someone does their job. This is where a criminal background check can help you. Sure, a criminal background check might turn up nothing, but if it does come back with a criminal record, then that can tell you a lot about the person whom you are considering hiring. A criminal record does not necessarily mean that the person is a bad person – for example, they might only have a conviction for unpaid parking fines! However, looking at the record can give you an insight into their history.

Criminal Background Checks – What Jobs Should You Check For?

You could very well order a criminal background check for any job in any industry. However, there are some positions for which you will benefit more from finding out this information. If you are hiring someone for a job in which they will be dealing with large amounts of cash, then you should consider a criminal background check. Just think, what would happen if that check came back with a criminal record for embezzlement or grand larceny? You might think twice about hiring that person, and you might save yourself from a catastrophe. Often, in high level jobs in the finance industry, people will also check to see whether an applicant has ever declared bankruptcy, and this is something that you can check for yourself also. Another type of job in which it is necessary to order a criminal background check is any job working with children. It is often a law that any applicants undergo criminal background checks in this sort of job, as the safety of our children is obviously very important.

Criminal Background Checks – Where to Get One

If you are an employer and you think that you will be ordering criminal background checks regularly, then it is a good idea to set yourself up with a professional background check company. These companies do this sort of work for a living, so they know how to do it right! They can check everything you need to know, and they will be able to do it all completely within the laws for this sort of thing, so that you never have any problems along those lines. Generally all you will have to do is to supply the company with the details for anyone you want to check, pay them a small fee, and they will do the rest. They will come back to you with a report of either no criminal record, or a positive result. Either way, you will have the answer you need, with very little trouble on your part. The fee that you pay is not always that high, and as a company with regular business you could probably negotiate a discount. Even without a discount, it is a small price to pay for the safety and security of your company!