Criminal Record Tests – How Making the Most of the Information Available to You Can Give You Real Peace of Mind.

Criminal Background Check

How well do you really know the people around you?

From potential employees to potential partners, it is hard to be sure what is lurking in somebody’s past. But by carrying out a criminal background test you can learn more about somebody and their background, and help to put your mind at ease.

A criminal background check is done by getting information from different counties, all over one state, and then 50 states and Washington DC. Different companies perform this service now and are available through the Internet.

Criminal background checks are commonly performed on people applying for jobs - not as some sort of accusation against applicants or paranoia, but just to be on the safe side.

Finding honest employees is not easy and past history of honesty is no guarantee of future behavior, but many companies want to also do this research. Additional research can be done to see if the potential employee's resume is truthful, did he or she really work and such and such jobs for so many years in the companies they name.

Why spend money on making a detailed criminal background check of your prospective employees? Well, training and recruiting an employee is expensive process. If something bad happens or is discovered later, this could all go to waste.

Of course lying on your resume is not even criminal - it's actually so common it's considered creative writing! But a resume is about skills you think the possible recruit has. If they are stating that they are qualified and they are really not, this can create tremendous problems down the road for you and your company.

Of course in the worse case, especially in some security type jobs, an employee who injures or even kills people while on the job can cause a huge civil suit against a company, which can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Of course that is only the most sensational case. There are many more quieter "white collar" crimes that occur.

These types of in-depth national or even international criminal background checks used to be the prerogative of only large banks and other multi-national companies. Now they can be done for any company using internet resources.

Since the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks, security has been much more important at all levels through American society. Legally all companies must check on an applicant's legal right to work in the United States, but many companies now are making a criminal background check of all applicants, both managerial and hourly employees.

Probably 5-10-percent of the population, if not more has some sort of criminal record. This doesn't mean that they're all bad people, but you have the right to know and give them a chance to explain what went wrong.

What Can You Learn From A Criminal Background Check?

What will you find out from a criminal background check? The answer depends on the service you decide to hire.

Many agencies that perform criminal background checks are cut and dry. They tell you only if the subject has been found guilty of a crime. That crime might be as simple as a speeding ticket or as complex as a serious crime that harms others. To make sure you find out the information you are looking for, decide first exactly what information you will need.

For instance, do you just want to know if the subject has any past criminal activity in his or her background? If the subject will be dealing with money, you might look for more specific things. A parking ticket might not be too devastating, but it you found a charge of credit card fraud or chronic hot check charges, you probaby do not want to hire that person.

Likewise, if you are attempting to hire a person to take care of your child, you might look for crimes more specific to that situation. For instance, if your subject is a young woman who seems to love kids but has a criminal history of domestic violence with her husband or boyfriend, this is probably not the kind of person you want to take care of your child.

Are you looking for someone to help you with your business finances? If so, you will want to see a criminal background check that delves into criminal and financial backgrounds. While it is not a crime to file bankruptcy, some agencies will actually seek out that type of financial information for you as well. That type of financial information could prove to be quite relevant if you are hiring at a financial institution.

So, to get the most information out of your criminal background check, decide first what it is you hope to find. Then, seek out an agency that provides research into those areas. Doing this up front, will insure that you are happy with your results - no matter what they may prove to be - and happy with the criminal background check agency that you chose.

Carrying out a criminal background check may sound a bit extreme, but they are definitely a great way to get some peace of mind about your prospective employee.